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Meet the Fhockers

Tis the season

…to show off those beautiful fhockey bruises. Submit your pictures for the world to see your badge of fhockey pride

Haner for GER breaks stick…

I love how he just throws it to the side like no big deal

For those of you that live in the Pennsylvania area or really anywhere close, I have bought all of my field hockey stuff from Longstreth and have mentioned them several times in asks. Their biiiiig tent sale is coming up again this year and everything is on sale! There deals are always ridiculously good, so if you live close it’s definitely worth checking out. 

See you there ;)

Fhockey Prob

Having to go up a size in shorts just so your thighs can fit/blood can actually circulate to them, but now they’re too loose in the waist…..

… nike shorts it is.

Watch the game live on Youtube!!


& another spring season ends…can’t wait for summer league and that preseason workout packet #thereisnooffseason

Preach it, sister. Because I just love sitting in class all sweaty gross after a conditioning practice.

The celebration at the end warms my heart! This is what sports are all about, bringing joy to people and bringing people close together.

To anyone in the States that wants to know about summer fh camps, Longstreth has posted a great list! 

There’s obviously others around, but these have all had fantastic reviews and really well respected coaches and players

Getting back into shape is both the best and worst thing in the world

USA Field Hockey’s Highlight reel for the series vs. Canada

Team USA killing it with the reverse chips. dayum.


Very interesting. It’s funny how we did self start as a means to speed the game up, and now there are much longer breaks between play. 


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