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Getting back into shape is both the best and worst thing in the world

USA Field Hockey’s Highlight reel for the series vs. Canada

Team USA killing it with the reverse chips. dayum.


Very interesting. It’s funny how we did self start as a means to speed the game up, and now there are much longer breaks between play. 


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Pictures from the USA vs Canada game!


Can anyone explain to me how to drag flick in field hockey? I really want to learn how to do it

Honestly, use youtube. I highly recommend practicing on astroturf (like the field hockey astroturf where it’s totally flat), but regular turf will be the next best thing. Especially to learn and teach yourself, drag flicking on grass is reallllllllly difficult under those conditions. 

is it spring season yet?

Remember, being sore means progress. If you’re not sore, you’re not working hard enough

Good luck to everyone playing at the NIT this weekend!

Feel free to submit pictures to us!

This is my shoddy attempt at actually photoshopping something….BUT FHOCKEYPROBS REACHED 1000 FOLLOWERS! 
Thank you so much for following / contributing and cheers to 1000 more :)

(I would’ve taken a real picture but it’s too cold to venture outside….)

the things we do for the game we love

xoxox fhockeyprobs

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Happy almost Valentines Day Fhockers!

"Field hockey looks easy"
Me: "okay, lets see you run for 70 minutes non-stop btw you have to be hunched over so forget about breathing and youre squatting the entire time so your quads and butt are on fire but block that out because someones about to drive that large solid plastic ball into your leg at about 40mph, oh and that girl whiffed and nailed you with a stick made of kevlar aka what they make bulletproof vests out of oh and it's summer so it's like a gazillion degrees times ten because we're playing on the sun's surface aka turf.
do you want to rethink that statement now?"