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If I have to read one more post on the field hockey tag about people “shipping” or anything pretty little liars I think my head is going to explode.

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Over the course of a year, I had five head injuries, three of the head injuries resulted in serious concussions and everyday I dealt with passing out, cronic migraines, trouble remembering, and anxiety attacks. The doctor asked me, “Are you sure you want to play field hockey anymore?”




Work to be your best and play your heart out so when you walk off that field, they can’t help but curse your name and remember your number.

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Showered and there was still turf in my hair. 

Fhockey Prob

When your teamwear (sweatshirts/shirts/sweatpants) doesn’t come in until the very end of the season

Nothing like a good lifting session to end your week

Hi there. Awesome blog you have! So my high school doesn't have a field hockey team, a friend of mine and I plan on making one for the upcoming year. We already have 45 girls who are willing to tryout if the team is made as well as a teacher who is willing to coach us. But my school is an ass and said we should just make it a club. Do you know what we should say or do to get them to take us serious and really consider making a field hockey team? Thanks so much in advance!

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Hm. You mean like a club team, non-affiliated with the school that travels? Or like the chess team where you do after school practices and not much else? Regardless, I’d talk to your athletic director about it. Take in 2 or 3 other girls and have something planned out to say. Have these girls sign a petition and the teacher saying they’d play / donate their time. List costs for anything the school may need. Otherwise, I would ask a local high school’s field hockey coach to help! There are a couple schools around me that don’t have a fh program, but they let their students play at local high schools that DO have a team! Let me know how everything goes! 

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Getting back into shape is both the best and worst thing in the world