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Preach it, sister. Because I just love sitting in class all sweaty gross after a conditioning practice.

The celebration at the end warms my heart! This is what sports are all about, bringing joy to people and bringing people close together.

I’m not sure why but I was obsessed with taping my stick freshman and sophomore year of high school. Tape around the toe, halfway up the stick, and all over the grip.


Field hockey life.



Truc Rognoni

This is her best trick by far. I’ve seen her doing it a lot when she played for Ciudad de Buenos Aires. (also, she’s perfect and I miss her)

love this move, and i’m obsessed with her stick

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I wonder how many turf beads I’ve ingested over my lifetime. Turf’s a protein, right? 


Woman-spiration Wednesday: Paige Selenski- Featured on the cover of the 2014-2015 Longstreth FH catalog. Paige is a Shavertown, Pa. native and forward on the U.S. National Team. Since joining the National team in 2009, Paige has participated in the 2012 Olympic Games and helped the team to a gold medal in the 2011 Pan American games. She led an outstanding career at University of Virginia, being named 2012 Virginia Female Collegiate Athlete of the Year, ACC Player of the Year and ACC Offensive Player of the Year. She was also a four-time Longstreth/NFHCA Division 1 All-American. Her speed and strong stick skills are what make her such a vital assest to the U.S. team. The pink and teal Gryphon Tour, otherwise known as the Paige Selenski signature stick was designed by Paige and will be available at Longstreth later this season. Paige is very excited about the stick as the two colors she chose represent and support breast cancer and ovarian cancer in memory of her aunt and mom. On her Instagram page, Paige (@paigeselenski) posted on 4/21/14, “Both women have been two of the most influential and inspirational people in my life. They made me a better person and taught me all of life’s hardest lessons… but most importantly, they taught me to fight and be strong in every aspect of life.. even when you don’t always win in the end.”

To anyone in the States that wants to know about summer fh camps, Longstreth has posted a great list! 

There’s obviously others around, but these have all had fantastic reviews and really well respected coaches and players




Happy Easter, Fhockers! 

Sportsways provides excellent and VERY FUN camps!! I have always enjoyed myself at them and so have my friends.

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Do you know anyone going to the SportWays hockey camp this summer? I'm thinking about going but I don't know anyone :(

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Personally, I dont know anyone who is.

Anyone going/has gone and can give some feedback on the camp?

If I have to read one more post on the field hockey tag about people “shipping” or anything pretty little liars I think my head is going to explode.

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Over the course of a year, I had five head injuries, three of the head injuries resulted in serious concussions and everyday I dealt with passing out, cronic migraines, trouble remembering, and anxiety attacks. The doctor asked me, “Are you sure you want to play field hockey anymore?”