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Meet the Fhockers

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EDITED photo from LB vs. Neptune (1-0) from 10/3/14
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no two better things in life than dogs and field hockey

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Women’s Collegiate Field Hockey

Northeastern University  vs  Boston College

Dedham, MA 2014

" We did not play to our best in the first half; we could choose to continue to play mediocre field hockey, or we could make some changes, play with some confidence, trust your teammates and go hard. That’s what the team did. It wasn’t a sweet and soft halftime talk – it was a reality check. The team responded unbelievably. "


Amy Robertson

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UMass sophomore Nicole Miller attempts to get the ball away from Connecticut junior Mckenzie Townsend. Photo by Brett Reardon

Tis the season

…to show off those beautiful fhockey bruises. Submit your pictures for the world to see your badge of fhockey pride

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Virginia Cavaliers Field Hockey 

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Sunset Field Hockey | Photo by Jesse Hutcheson, CNU OCPR

Sunset during the CNU Field Hockey home opener this evening.

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Best time of the year?? Start of the season!

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Just your typical UMass Dartmouth field hockey practice